Gyan-i will act as an extension of your IT staff and offer support as needed in areas such as: network engineering; database administration; hardware and network upgrades and infrastructure assessments; business application development; and other areas such as disaster recovery and business continuity support.

Business Continuity Planning

We begin with a process called business impact analysis to measure your key business processes and determining their order of importance from a business continuity standpoint. We then utilize this information to develop a plan in order to minimize disruption and loss in the event of a disaster, while ensuring adequate recovery while the incident is managed. We achieve this by using a process we developed in-house, called the 4E model. This model was built through experience to ensure a concise, yet comprehensive planning process. The 4E model is a 4-step process as follows:

  1. Engage – We first set up the framework of the relationship. Our goal is to create an optimal fit as per your unique requirements.

  2. Examine – Our examination includes a dynamic assessment of the current infrastructure, after which we prescribe a recovery plan and provide recommendations.

  3. Escrow – We will then securely store your plan collateral for instant access along with the following safeguards such as encryption, 2-factor authentication, dual control and audit trail.

  4. Execute – Lastly, we will deliver tactical and strategic support to ensure effective implementation of the plan

Continuum & Hand off

Our continuum and hand-off services help fill the IT gap caused by dynamics such as: vacation times of IT staff, attrition of IT due to micro and macro economic factors, budget changes, or special projects. As your IT staff is fully consumed with day-to-day IT requirements, Gyan-i will act as an extension of your team to offer support in required areas. We will provide the resources needed for day-to-day management of such activities until strategic goals are met. Afterwards, we will deliver seamless transition services with the hiring, or training of IT staff personnel for a complete knowledge transfer of the completed project.

During a disaster, resources can be spread thin trying to manage all facets of the incident, remediation, and subsequent recovery. Our experienced team will assist you as-needed in getting your system back up and running as fast as possible. We commit to providing high quality critical support, ensuring your needs are met with a 2 hour response time as part of our standard service level agreement. We will provide all the required IT support and management needed to fill IT staffing and resource gaps during a disaster. Afterwards, we will provide a detailed analysis in order to assist IT staff personnel and management in understanding the incident and overall impact on the system. 


Disaster Recovery Support