Information technology (IT) is a precursor to every business that wants to stay in business.  To transcend from good to great, at a multitude of levels — service, speed, competitiveness, innovation, efficiency — IT plays a larger part.  A common fallacy is to view IT as a cost center.  We beg to differ and view it as an investment to get from good to great.  When technology is properly planned, deployed, and managed intelligently within a business, unfathomed breakthroughs are possible.

There is a world of difference between an “on-call tech company” and a genuine strategic technology partner. Here are three of the best reasons Gyan-i consistently delivers partner-level performance to our clients:


We know Technology


We know People


We know Business

We have a proven track record of success along the complete spectrum of IT management, spanning from project planning/implementation to developing custom applications. We bring expertise in web and online development, infrastructure and security solutions, as well as monitoring and management services. We help our clients boost efficiency and save time by delivering turn-key solutions that start deliver results and positive return on investment immediately.

Being adept with technology is an essential prerequisite to transition from good to great but it isn’t enough. We’re equally proud of the way our team works with people.  We commit to listening to you, understanding your objectives, and communicating both clearly and consistently. We’re as effective discussing big-picture vision with the CEO as we are locking down code with your technical staff.

We realize that you’re not in the business to manage your technology. We understand the importance of making smart, effective and justifiable decisions making processes when it comes to your investments in IT.  Our team possesses strong business acumen, which enables us to anticipate the impact of our efforts on the total organization.  We promise to ensure that the technologies recommended are compatible with your workflow and staff training is an integral part of the process. We also look ahead for opportunities offered by new innovations, and scan the horizon to identify potential problems before they become actual problems.

We are proud to be the strategic IT services and consulting partner for a growing list of clients. We’d like the opportunity to prove that we will work just as hard for you.

All you need is one dedicated technology partner whose name is also their promise — Gyan-i