Our enhanced cyber security services deliver proactive and reactive approaches as a local, affordable, and trustworthy partner to any type of organization. We will record your environment's performance, analyze the data, and provide a detailed report suitable for executive reading. Technical analyses will be provided to your team, and recommendations will be made for improving your overall organization's security posture. Take a proactive approach to your security by leveraging Gyan-i's cybersecurity expertise.

Cyber Security Controls RISK Assessment

Information security has become an increasingly critical part of any company's IT infrastructure. Our team excels in providing comprehensive information security assessments of IT infrastructures. We customize our assessment protocols to fit the individual needs of each of our clients. This allows us to streamline the assessment process as well as focus on specific areas to identify vulnerabilities unique to our clients' varied industries. Throughout any security engagement, we focus on maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and systems. A typical information security assessment contains:

  • Identified vulnerabilities and flaws of the client’s existing systems, policies, procedures, and practices

  • Recommendation for remediation and security controls to improve the security of the client's infrastructure

  • Recommendation for security best practices around vendor selection and management

Proactive Threat Intelligence & Alerting

Assessing and catching security threats within information systems requires a cohesive analysis of all activities within the network. In order to determine the root of an attack, many angles must be examined to understand the exposure, mitigate it and stop the infection from spreading before it inflicts further damage. Our proactive threat intelligence service provides an invaluable tool leveraging real-time analysis to significantly expedite remediation of the system and resuming normal business operations.

Through this service, we will provide periodic comprehensive reporting of the health of your company's IT infrastructure and pertinent security-related events. The primary goals of these activities are: to actively bolster your company’s threat intelligence through proactive real-time monitoring and detailed reporting, which are augmented with the provision of focused remediation and customized reports as appropriate.

Incident Response

Often used in conjunction with our proactive threat intelligence service, our team commits to providing high quality critical incident response services. We leverage our active threat intelligence platform to visualize all angles of an attack. We then utilize this data to implement a timely solution based on real-time analysis of your complete infrastructure. Our incident response team will help you reduce your cycle time from threat situation to solution, with the intention of, helping you meet or exceed your recovery point objectives.