Gyan-i’s mode of operation is to align itself with the client’s needs via a combination of services.   We will augment the client’s team with our personnel to fill any gaps in skills set.  Gyan-i will adeptly identify turnkey projects that will enable goal achievement.  We commit to providing the hand holding needed to enable optimal implementation of projects.  In short, our aim is to provide clients with value add in which ever sphere they chose to engage us, both in the long and short term. 

Strategic Planning

The senior management of your organization will look at their five and ten-year plans to map out the strategic goals for the current fiscal year.  Goals require long and short-term key performance indicators to measure performance.  Several of these indicators require adept data mining, content management and reporting mechanisms.   To complicate matters, there are not only extrinsic goals like business development but also intrinsic goals like organization’s cost structure; IT tends to be the back bone for both.   We can come in, get an understanding of your goals as well as indicators and transpose them on your IT architecture to ensure that the technical aspects are in alignment with your organization’s needs.

Business Continuity Planning

We begin with a process called business impact analysis to measure your key business processes and determining their order of importance from a business continuity standpoint. We then utilize this information to develop a plan in order to minimize disruption and loss in the event of a disaster, while ensuring adequate recovery while the incident is managed. We achieve this by using a process we developed in-house, called the 4E model. This model was built through experience to ensure a concise, yet comprehensive planning process. The 4E model is a 4-step process as follows:

  1. Engage – We first set up the framework of the relationship. Our goal is to create an optimal fit as per your unique requirements. 
  2. Examine – Our examination includes a dynamic assessment of the current infrastructure, after which we prescribe a recovery plan and provide recommendations.
  3. Escrow – We will then securely store your plan collateral for instant access along with the following safeguards such as encryption, 2-factor authentication, dual control and audit trail.
  4. Execute – Lastly, we will deliver tactical and strategic support to ensure effective implementation of the plan